Investing in Livable Futures

Our faith, our ethics, our accompaniment of the poor and marginalized, and our Catholic Social Tradition has been the inspiration to pioneer new strategies to move our money in the direction of more mission-aligned and equitable futures. We have made important strides, and still, have so far to go. To carve new paths toward bold and concrete action, we need a new kind of consciousness.

Our Work

Theoretical Frameworks

Drawing on Catholic Social Teaching, economic theory and ethics, we feel the evolving signs of the times and see that new theoretical frameworks are needed. We recognize the extractive tendencies inherent in conventional finance and are using the Economy of Francesco to re-root our investing in Catholic Social Teaching and a bolder commitment to the vital work of co-creating paradigms that lead to greater human flourishing.

Practical Strategies

We are drawn to learn more about cooperative models and employee ownership as high-impact alternatives. What are the firm structures, risk-return profiles, investment opportunities, intermediaries beginning to proliferate in the emerging solidarity economy? Let’s explore case studies of leading cooperatives as a way of setting expectations around what we might expect and how to begin deploying capital towards a regenerative economy.

Overcoming the Challenges

Let’s get real about the implications for our Investment Philosophy, Portfolio Allocation, and Advisor Relationships. We are ready to do a meaningful review of existing and emerging funds, intermediaries, networks, and similar groups focused on this work to see where we can best contribute our unique gifts. I’m ready to do the analytical work to evaluate and align what I believe with where our assets are being deployed.

What others say

As a result of the authenticity and skill of the facilitation, I and every group member were surprised by how quickly we were able to drop into high-trust sharing and collaboration. The amount that we got “figured out” in a short amount of time was remarkable, life changing for many of us, and potentially world transforming.”

― Sam Hummel, former CEO, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (Participant in April 2020 Workshop)

Felipe and Elizabeth are ‘all in’ on making certain that voices are well heard, questions are deeply explored and decisions are mindfully executed. In an age of networks, they understand the power of the collective and its importance for our time.

― Kemp Battle, Strategic Advisor, PBS, Southern New Hampshire University (Participant in April 2020 Workshop)

About us

Elizabeth Garlow and Felipe Witchger are co-conveners of the US Hub of the Economy of Francesco.



Durham, NC
Detroit, MI