What is emotional labor?

I offer you this short video about the workshop posture, approach and mantras.

This space is about what you put into it. The more you bring your honest questions about what you’re wrestling with, the more you’ll get out of this. 

Our workshop mantras:

Do the hard work first.

Embrace the emotional labor.

Contribute generously.

Dance with your fear. 

Here is another excerpt from the Participant Guide:

The best feedback feels like a gift. It helps you see something about yourself that you weren’t aware of or weren’t paying attention to. The best comments are from when someone else does the emotional labor to try to really hold up the mirror, so you can see yourself as others see you. This takes a remarkable amount of emotional labor (for the giver and the receiver). 

The comments you offer your peers on their written contributions are about reflection, about shining a light where we might hide and about sharing our perspective, including generous skepticism. Writing four comments means you’ve learned four new ways to approach the learning. The best questions / feedback / comments take into account the writer’s own bias. Good questions are also aware that advice isn’t helpful. 

This workshop is an opportunity to practice taking a “coaching” posture to our fellow investors and the feedback we offer — both in writing and in your learning groups. Good comments, questions, feedback is as much of an art as it is a science. Rarely, do we have the push from a generous group of colleagues to really invest the time required to give and receive good feedback.

Published by Felipe Witchger

Felipe facilitates collaboration between community institutions for more inclusive community wealth building. By developing leaders and allies, Felipe believes marginalized communities can build the power they need to change institutions, systems, and our culture. Felipe also loves building sandcastles.

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