Module 2-Sue

I found this module informative and overwhelming at times. Overwhelming as I feel and think I have so much to learn and am on a huge learning curve. I almost feel paralyzed as to where to start, which questions to ask in which order. That is how my mind works, trying to make sense of something new for me.

Learning about cooperatives and ESOPs was amazing. I have heard of cooperatives, didn’t know much about them. Reading about ESOPs was very eye opening. I am intrigued by the ones we read about especially the Apis & Heritage Capital Partners and how they are helping secure a more empowered self directed future for some who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise.

I wonder how we find out about the different investing opportunities available for those of us considering investing for our organizations rather than personally. Is there a network we tap into, or is it a group like this work group where we discuss and share? I guess it is a group similar to this and finding managers? I am not sure about finding managers or consultants to assist in this endeavor.

I could see cooperatives or ESOPs in our investment portfolio at some point. Since there are so many options, it would come to us finding our focus.

Applying the CST principles and questions is a great starting place and part of the interviewing criteria I think we might use in our impact investing. I look forward to reading Real Impact and seeing how impact investing is falling into the same trap as regular investing. I don’t think we would change the ones chosen until we have utilized this in some of our investment processes.

We are at the beginning of the process of impact investing, looking to make our investment with the emphasis on Racial disparity. After reading this module I am intrigued and will ask our committee to consider some of these as options as well.

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