Module 2 – Taking it Further

Does the framework offered here (4 principles and then 12 questions for diligence) help you? What would you change? Where would you take it further? How would you apply it to your context?

I appreciate the clarity that this framework and translation into 4 principles and 12 questions provides – super helpful in creating a container for decision-making.

I oversee a Finance department, with all the varying responsibilities that come with it, and investment oversight is executed by a volunteer Finance Committee that is still in the initial learning stage regarding impact investing. It’s been about a year since we began the conversation and we are beginning to gain buy-in from committee members (for which I thank Elizabeth for the fantastic support.) We spent a good part of that year developing an organizational philosophy around all areas of financial management, and this provides a clear next step to applying it to our investments. I see this as a great framework to help ground discussions about how to assess opportunities, and also a tool to help us clarify where we might want to focus our initial efforts.

To that end, one way I could see possibly taking this a step further for my organization is to lead our Finance Committee through an exercise to absorb and consider how the principles align with our overall philosophy (which includes specific implications we named around investing,) to prioritize these four principles, and to then use that lens to narrow our focus in terms of actual investment opportunities to those that focus on or are known to excel in what we deem most important. And/or, I could see translating our own organizational values, philosophy and priorities into one or more additional principles that support practical decision-making. Either way, the process of working through the principles through the lens of our specific values, philosophy and organizational priorities could help us narrow the scope of opportunities to something manageable for our organization to consider, even with its current capacity constraints.

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