Taking it further response-Sue

I am grateful to read another person’s (organization’s) initial process of how they started the process of a finance committee and impact investing, setting the values and all. We also are in the beginning or infancy stages of impact investing, being more explicit regarding naming our values that drive our investing practices. I really like using the CST principles as an undergirding to the values as well as part of the metric or vetting whether or not to invest in the specific project or equity.

I still struggle with figuring out what logical next steps would look like for our organization. I look forward to learning more from everyone in the groups.

2 thoughts on “Taking it further response-Sue

  1. From our experience it was challenging to define and prioritize which values, sectors, beneficiaries, impact outcomes, we wanted to have until we started looking at a few transactions and could more easily say which ones most clearly aligned with our charism. As such, the early days of building our portfolio often just involved me presenting several investment options that were lightly screened to our sisters on the Financial Council and seeing which ones resonated most from an impact perspective (leaving aside the traditional financial risk-return assessment). It was not always scientific, but we did then compliment this “gut-feeling” with rigorous traditional operational/financial diligence and a more quantitative impact score. The impact score has been in a state of constant refinement as we learn as we go what characteristics, values, etc. we seek most out of our investment portfolio.


  2. That is helpful to know. This is probably where we are going initially and then hopefully getting more solid procedures and protocols in place to make the decisions.


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