Coops, Real Estate-Sue

I appreciated the questions or thoughts about religious owning real estate and how to repurpose it. Honestly, our practice has been to sell to the highest bidder if it is a residence and then use the funds for ministry or helping others. We are looking at a large residence we are selling now a bit differently by checking with non profit organizations in the area who may benefit from using it. This is a shift for us.

However, the thought of finding the best co-op to invest in seems daunting. How to prioritize which aspect has greater priority over another, or CST principle ranking is helpful to help with some of the decision making. Yet, the question of how to get more employees involved in having a say in their future is a good one. It is intriguing in that as a private religious congregation I am not sure this is an avenue open to us. If I am mistaken I would be interested in hearing how we could pursue something similar to this.

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