#3 Overcoming Challenges

  1. What’s one aspect of your own internal work you’re going to commit to doing and by when? Please describe why it’s part of your most important work.

Currently we are working to incorporate the CST principles more fully into our underwriting and due diligence process for our impact investing strategy. Adding this criteria will help further strengthen our alignment between financial and social returns and I hope that it will prompt many of my colleagues to have a deeper consideration for the importance of having a fully 360 view of the consequences (positive and/or negative) of all investments we make in the total portfolio. I anticipate to have this work completed during the 2nd Quarter of 2021 as we prepare and finalize our annual Impact Measurement Report.

#3 What’s one new individual relationship you want to set up a time to meet within the next 3 weeks?

Given the work they are doing in St. Louis, I would really like to connect with Ryan Strode. I continue to push myself to learn how I can better interact with my own community to create connections not only with Ascension, but with the many other investors in my personal network for groups such as Elevate/Elevar

#4 What’s one peer group / small group that you might initiate or join to help you advance your most important work? What’s the deal, project, change-making focus for that peer group for you? Why do you believe it will be helpful and when do you hope to initiate and conclude that group?

I plan to continue working with the CIIC deal-team on a broader basis, but would also add that Peter Birk, myself and AIM at large have an open-door policy for sharing our thoughts on prospective managers, especially those seeking market rate social/environmental impact investments. I have reached out to many of you individually, but can always be reached directly at tyler.blickhan@ascension.org. The work of an impact investor will never end, so this will be ongoing. On a more concrete note, we are also working on Apis & Heritage internally and are hoping to provide final investment recommendations in late Q2/early Q3 of 2021. Peter and I will both be available to share our current thoughts at any time.

#5 What’s one collective that you’re part of or plan to join?  What do you hope to learn from it? How specifically do you hope to influence and shape it?

I am currently a part of the Responsible Investment Collaborative of St. Louis, which is a secular group of investors that are interested in responsible investment ideas. Within this group, I hope to introduce the CST Principles/Questions as an example of how some investors are applying personal beliefs to the investment due diligence process. It is my hope that this introduction can further spark innovation and conversations among the group for how we talk about and evaluate responsible investment ideas and investments.

One thought on “#3 Overcoming Challenges

  1. Your participation in a secular group and feeling led to share out to that group resonates with me. I have a group here in MN that I would like to explore ways to share out with as well, though for me perhaps more generally focused on financial management because of the nature of that group. I would be really interested to hear how you approach that and any wisdom you gain from your efforts.


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