Sue Module 3 thoughts

  1. What’s one aspect of your own internal work you’re going to commit to doing and by when? I commit to working with Tom Marthaler on how we present what we have learned, gleaned from this workshop into our work with our committee on Impact Investing. I commit to doing this by the end of April 2021, so we can discuss at our committee meetings, helping us forge a path forward.
  2. Please describe why it’s part of your most important work. This is part of our most important work as it will get us out of the starting block and not continuing to maybe spin our wheels and being paralyzed by all of the newness, opportunities. Impact Investing is an area our congregation is eager to move on in the near future.
  3. What’s one new individual relationship you want to set up a time to meet within the next 3 weeks? I would like to connect with Jeff Rauenhorst to see what we can offer each other and learn more about together. I would also like to connect with Kayoko and Melody. I am also going to connect with Jessica Cook of Ascension regarding potential working relationship, all that Ascension offers.
  4. What’s one peer group / small group that you might initiate or join to help you advance your most important work? I would like to work with Jeff on what he has voiced in his post. What’s the deal, project, change-making focus for that peer group for you? FSPA is trying to discern how to make an initial impact investment. We do have a call with Apis and Heritage on April 2nd. This could be one option. We are also looking at a mutual fund which has 18 areas of focus through Community Capital Management. Why do you believe it will be helpful and when do you hope to initiate and conclude that group? This group would be helpful in discussing with others projects they have worked on, what worked well, what questions they have asked and such. Also, are there other opportunity areas we may not know about yet.
  5. What’s one collective that you’re part of or plan to join?  What do you hope to learn from it? How specifically do you hope to influence and shape it? We hope to further investigate CIIC as a collective or peer group to be part of as I think the sharing would be beneficial. I am not sure I have much to offer as I am a neophyte in the impact investing arena, yet hope to learn more so we can help shape our congregation in the impact investing area.

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