Week 3 Reflection and Action Commitments

First off, I want to say thank you for this amazing cohort. I really am appreciating it.

This week, I was particularly inspired and impressed by the CAC Financial Philosophy document and case study. It was beautiful to see an organization take the time to slow down and articulate their values and then let their staff and board settle into that process as part of the work of finance.

Give and there will be gifts for you, full measure, pressed down, shaken together,
running over and flowing into your lap.” (Luke 6:38)

I was particularly struck by this verse from Luke as the verse they chose to underline the spending category. Give and there will be gifts for you…running over and flowing. What a true image of God’s economy where reciprocity and flow are the reality. It doesn’t say give and maybe you’ll get a 8% return but just that there will be gifts for you. I want to know that economy in the depths of my being, in the very cells of my body so that as I lead and support people in this capitalist economy, I have a solid foundation to support people in the shift towards a livable future.

As for the concrete next steps–here are my initial answers:

  1. What’s one aspect of your own internal work you’re going to commit to doing and by when? Please describe why it’s part of your most important work.

At this moment in my life, I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew. I am currently trying to lean into trust in the gradual snowball effect, that if I put in the time, little by little, I will have something to show of my efforts. This cohort has been a huge learning curve for me so I want to take time to integrate it. 

I commit to reading at least one of the resources linked to in each of the three modules every week in April. I would love to meet with others throughout April to deep digesting and integrating the resources provided here. 

  1. What’s one step you’re going to take to embody Catholic Social Teaching in your investment decision making? By when are you going to make this investment or actualize this embodiment of CST?

I am going to explore the Slow Money network and make one investment in 2021 personally in the slow money economy. I am also going to re-read the CST module so I can integrate it more. 

  1. What’s one new individual relationship you want to set up a time to meet within the next 3 weeks?

I would love to meet with Evan Gill and Kayoka Lyons. I also would love to deepen with Cindy Kroll–we already met up for a walk but are hoping to do some writing together. 

  1. What’s one peer group / small group that you might initiate or join to help you advance your most important work? What’s the deal, project, change-making focus for that peer group for you? Why do you believe it will be helpful and when do you hope to initiate and conclude that group?

I’d like to be a part of a due diligence group. I am happy to do some work in the group but as I learn more about securities regulation I would like to work with a group who is exploring investment opportunities and seeing first hand what values and constraints are at play. 

I would also love support in a group doing some writing and articulating the technical ways people are shifting their investments. The case studies we have read in this cohort have been so instrumental to my understanding of how the “great turning” actually will happen. 

Finally, as mentioned above, I’d like to continue to meet with a small group over the month of April to digest and integrate more of the material here. 

One thought on “Week 3 Reflection and Action Commitments

  1. Tracy – I would love to meet in April and even get something on the books for our whole group to meet every 6 months or so to share notes. In three short sessions, I have learned a tremendous amount from others’ experiences. I think it would be very powerful if we can all maintain a dialogue in the future.


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