Module 3: Moving Forward

What’s one aspect of your own internal work you’re going to commit to doing and by when? Please describe why it’s part of your most important work.

  1. I want to make sure participants are aware of the CIIC network and follow up with this group when we are preparing to formally launch our membership program to share more information.
  2. I want to collaborate with Economy of Francesco and other interested groups to expand more on the CST principles investment framework and correlating questions. This could look like a group that works to develop and test the framework, with the goal of sharing as a research paper with other partner networks.
  3. I want CIIC to collaborate with Economy of Francesco and figure out how to share the materials from the workshop with the members of the CIIC community. I also think there are many opportunities for collaboration between our groups, including but not limited to: leading investor small group on cooperatives (quarterly meetings with facilitated discussion around potential deals), sourcing deals for investor small groups, create and facilitate CST workshop for CIIC members, consulting and providing due diligence on deals for CIIC members, developing CIIC screening charts, checklists and other materials to layer onto the deal sharing platform in alignment with CST and curating external/public webinars around topics of interest for CIIC members.

What’s one new individual relationship you want to set up a time to meet within the next 3 weeks?

  1. I want to connect with CAC and understand how we might be able to share the story of their financial planning and faith formation process with our audience as a blog post, or even on a future webinar.

One thought on “Module 3: Moving Forward

  1. I would love to connect, Maggie, and explore how the CAC might collaborate with CIIC and share some of our experiences with your community!


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