Module 3: What’s Next

What’s one aspect of your own internal work you’re going to commit to doing and by when? Please describe why it’s part of your most important work

The CAC and Wisdom and Money have a lot of potential for partnership. We’re currently exploring what that might look like both as organizational partners and in terms of more individual formation, including the potential for me to participate in a new in-depth program they are launching. I commit to making a decision about this by the end of April. It feels deeply aligned to where I have been feeling called, particularly in regards to forming a local group here in MN that would be part of my commitment. The intention of the group could inform how we approach both internal and external relationships and build my capacity and skills to hold space and facilitate conversations about money with people from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.

What’s one step you’re going to take to embody Catholic Social Teaching in your investment decision making? By when are you going to make this investment or actualize this embodiment of CST?

I would like to work with Elizabeth to develop a values-aligned decision framework for the CAC that utilizes the CST framework shared in this workshop and that integrates our specific set of interests (e.g. passion for investment in New Mexico) and propose that as part of our future investment decision-making process.

What’s one new individual relationship you want to set up a time to meet within the next 3 weeks?

Maggie, I would love to connect with you/CIIC in the next few weeks and discuss how we might collaborate on something that can be shared with your community!

I really enjoy meeting one-on-one and would also like to connect with Tom, Ryan and others that are more involved in day-to-day investment decision-making to learn more about their experiences.

What’s one peer group / small group that you might initiate or join to help you advance your most important work? What’s the deal, project, change-making focus for that peer group for you? Why do you believe it will be helpful and when do you hope to initiate and conclude that group?

It would be so valuable to continue meeting with others in this group to continue to share knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and to continue to digest the readings. There’s so much depth to what was offered here and I want to make sure I fully absorb it all and apply it to the deeper IPS update we’re going to complete over the next several months.

What’s one collective that you’re part of or plan to join?  What do you hope to learn from it? How specifically do you hope to influence and shape it?

I am part of a Meetup group called Conscious Capitalism that I want to re-engage in when we begin to meet in person again. I’d like to develop and propose a speaking topic around values-informed investing and financial management grounded in spiritual practice and discernment that can be applied in a broader institutional setting. Their model doesn’t shy away from spiritual development, but I think there’s a lot that could be added to the conversation in terms of how to approach that aspect of their model in a diverse work setting. I think I can be a bridge across networks – these folks tend to come from more traditional organizations and backgrounds, and I’d like to continue to participate in this space and encourage ways to skillfully and inclusively engage their spiritual side in their work, particularly for those in financial management roles.

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