I appreciated Peter’s openness to continue in an informal way the discussion regarding Apis & Heritage. This is one of the benefits I have found to this workshop, the willingness for people to share their knowledge rather than keep to themselves. I would welcome the further discussions.

Taking it further response-Sue

I am grateful to read another person’s (organization’s) initial process of how they started the process of a finance committee and impact investing, setting the values and all. We also are in the beginning or infancy stages of impact investing, being more explicit regarding naming our values that drive our investing practices. I really likeContinue reading “Taking it further response-Sue”

CST Principle & Fratelli Tutti

There is a certain interplay between those who manipulate and cheat society, and those who, while claiming to be detached and impartial critics, live off that system and its benefits. There is a sad hypocrisy when the impunity of crime, the use of institutions for personal or corporate gain, and other evils apparently impossible toContinue reading “CST Principle & Fratelli Tutti”